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Mark Ostarly Cheaters

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Mark Ostarly is a very good player and great first impression…..But let me tell you the real Mark Ostarly. He has been in and out of jail all his life for cocaine and domestic violence. Mark has a 16yr. old son that Marks mother supports and lives with her. He curses and hits him all the time he also does cocaine and has s*x in front of his son. Mark also has a 14yr. old daughter that he has a warrent out for his arrest for not paying child support. His daughter and her mother had to move out of state because Mark is very abussive. In Aug. ’06 he killed a young women 25yrs. old who she left behind a 5 year old son (not his) in TN he was fighting with her and speeding and his truck flipped. Mark told his last girlfriend that he killed she was just a s*x toy for him. Marks last girlfriend …he lied and told her he had a vecestomy to get her pregnant and when she was 5 months pregnant he punched her in the head 5 times causing her to have brain surgery. The doctor said he never saw that much damage in his life and was very surprise that her and the baby is still alive. Mark Ostarly is a compulsive lier and cheater. He has STD and HERPIES. the girls that call him on the phone he lies and says that its work and or cocaine deals. He beats up every girlfriend he has, tries to have s*x with any girl he could with or without already having a girlfriend. Mark has a small d**k, pimple a*s, rotton teeth in the back of his month, fungus toes, strech marks on his sides, 4 large tattos one on each upper arm and one on each side of his chest, fat stomach. He is a plumber, has a 350 red 4×4 pickup truck with his name on it he that his mom had to get for him it’s not even in his name doesn’t know how to spell or read well, he will spit in your face, punch you, curse you out he doesn’t care if you are a women to do that. If you want more info or proof that what I’m telling you please email I will also bring you right to him and give you his phone number. there Journeyman Plumbers because they can’t pass the OPEN book test to get there masters…..what loosers … ALSO…..Every girl he starts going out with he says I love you and wants to live with them the first month. All the girls break up with him!!! and he turns more physco and can’t let go…I forgot to mention one of his front teeth are fake (the left… ALSO……Mark drinks crown and coke, vodka and O.J., and 190 Daiq…..For someone who needs s*x all the time is VERY BAD in bed. After you pass the looks and great first impression you will see he is the worst guy you will ever meet. … ALSO…..Mark does cocaine every day besides his drinks. He is always blowing and wiping his nose because of coccaine…. ALSO……Mark tried to run his last girlfriend off the road, dented her car up left 100’s of obseane messages and text on her phone try to stab her while she was holding there baby. Mark is living in Metairie, Louisiana now. …

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First Name: Mark
Middle Name:
Last Name: Ostarly
Category: Cheaters


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