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Mark Ostarly Cheaters

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Whatever you do, do not let Mark Ostarly into your home or business. He is a convicted child molester. Mark lives in River Ridge, Louisiana. He is not a license plumber. He is a big time thief and con man. He will steal things out of your home. He is on drugs bad and he has bad drinking problem. He advertise his fake business M&M Plumbing Repair LLC. on Facebook. I dated this creep for 6 months and busted him cheating on me. I wish I would have done a Yahoo search on him before I started dating him, Because I found a report on website that says it all about him. If I would have done that search on him to begin with I would have never went out with him. He smokes weed. He loves masturbating infront of me. He scams the government each month because he get SSI disability and food stamps each month. He does side jobs and dont report it. He stinks because he only takes bath once a year. He has clumps that has grow in patches and brown hue on his arms and his a*s. He has He is a player and a cheater.

Mark Ostarly — New Orleans, Louisiana

M&M Plumbing Repair LLC.
Mark Ostarly
[email protected]
River Ridge, Louisiana
[email protected]

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First Name: Mark
Middle Name:
Last Name: Ostarly
Category: Cheaters


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