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beware of this a*****e. He meets women off craigslist and propositions them for money for sexual favors….he lies to people and promises gas comp for driving to his area then refuses and blackmails women…he degrades people insults them…he is a sicko and also a vet….he has no respect for women or people…he pretended to be my friend and kept offering me money…just money for no reason…then one day I decided to take up his offer…since I didn’t have much money and needed it…thought he was a friend but instead he had me drive to his area 30 mins away, so he could try to proposition me for s*x…and just insult treat me like dirt all while I was almost broke…..and when I refused to agree to his sick offer, he insulted me some more and bailed on me…he will have you drive to his area…promise you gas money and dinner…then once you get there will begin insulting you…for not getting in his car and putting you own…when you explain you are sick and can’t get in his car and don’t feel like it…he will keep being rude to you for not going in his car and get to the restaurant insult you for not being there….then when you go he will say he’s not hungry and try to act as if he doesn’t want you there…when you ask him for at least gas money he’ll say “well if you stop p*****g me off” and keep harping on how u wouldn’t get in his car and make up strange lies….then he’ll say “ok i’ll giveu gas money after we eat.” then he’ll change restaurants and decide to go somewhere else in a rude mean way…and when you go there he won’t go inside the restaurant but will stand outside and say ‘let’s talk here first’ and say that the vet office is calling him in and then once again you ask him for the gas money it took driving there…and he’ll say he doesn’t want to go to dinner and wants you at his house…and asks how much it’ll cost him and how much you want… you explain to him that you didnt go tehre for that and you went to have dinner…he will begin holding out money showing you saying “i have the money…here are all 20’s” and begin flipping the money and trying to get you to agree to something ro try to entice you..yuo tell him youre not into that…he deosn’t care…and still
treats you like dirt…he tells you he can ‘lend’ you 60.00 but when you get there he asks what he’s going to get for the money….and you say that you didn’t know he was going to do that…then he says “well I wasn’t but when I saw you I wanted you and want you all night…so that’s my offer” or will say “a b*****b” “and if you want gas money…you’ll have to do it my way..come to my place first…then afterwards I’ll get you gas” when you refuse to do things ‘his sick way’ claiming that he should give you the gas money he promised you at the very least.. he insults you some more…puts you down….tries to say nasty things about you…then when you finally explani to him what a jerk is he and that you can tell the police what he’s doing, he bails on you after degrading putting you down and trying to insult you and calling you names…he will even try to put u down and say “hold your arm on the table this way” and try to tell you how to sit at a table….he is a nutjob and so rude and sick…he’ll say “i’ll give u money…but you have to come to my house to get it and before you enter my house u’ll get 60.00 in the refuse and ask him for gas money and he says that you need to get in his car and he can get a chauffeur to come fill your gas tank….you refuse and then he says that’s the only way he’s going to do things….stay away from this deranged jerk and sicko…he is such a sick creep… there is so much more….he is a scumbag and a despicable sick person.. he tries to use women who may or may not need money and so he can get an ego trip off treating them badly or even making sick sexual a liar and bullshitter….he works at the emergency vet clinic/hospital on white road in Orlando, fl on the west side…he trolls on craigslist trying to pick women up…but will go out of his way to degrade people, try to blackmail or use them, put them down, treat them so badly.. total loser…stay far away from….

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First Name: Mark
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Last Name: Hansen
Category: Cheaters


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