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Mark Charles Garcia, Lansing, MI..USA Cheaters

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It was the night before my ACL reconstruction surgery and I had to be at the hospital the next morning at 6am so I decided to go to bed around 9pm. At this time, I was living with my parents because I had moved back home from Chicago and we had been dating for almost a year. I should also mention that a couple months previous, he had asked me to move in with him and I declined his offer because I wasn’t ready. To make a long story short…the night before my surgery, after he had tucked me into bed and said he was headed home, he went and met an ex girlfriend at the bar for drinks. As he later referred to it in an email that he sent to her the following day…”I’m sorry for the DRUNKEN DEBAUCHERY that took place last night”. He showed up for my surgery just like the doting boyfriend is supposed to do and also took care of me post surgery. I wouldn’t of known what to do if it weren’t for his help. I was so touched by his dedication to me during my recovery that I fell in love with him. Shortly after, he asked me (again) to move in with him. Even going as far as to tell my parents that he was willing to take responsibility for me and the finances because I was going back to school. I was convinced that he was “the one”, he had my parent’s convinced that he was going to take care of their daughter. Little did we all know, that this guy had gotten himself into a never ending hole of debt with credit card companies and gambling. He lied about EVERYTHING!!! His entire life is a LIE. Then I read his email and find out that he cheated on me. What kind of sick person goes out and cheats on his girlfriend the night before she has surgery? Not to mention….comes to the hospital the next morning and acts like everything is f*****g okay? Psychopath?

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First Name: Mark
Middle Name: Charles
Last Name: Garcia, Lansing, MI..USA
Category: Cheaters


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