Mariana Olguin Dallas

Mariana Olguin is living in the USA under multiple stolen social security numbers. One of her other personalities is going by name of Aida Zetina. She is 36 and every dude’s worst nightmare. She’s the kind of girl who changes her personality to appease whoever her target is: if he likes sports she gets a pink jersey and tags along to games, if he is into plays and movies she is suddenly an aspiring screenwriter. She latches on for dear life as soon as a guy shows her one bit of encouragement. She inserts herself into your life and makes friends with your friends and starts leaving things at your house. She gets chummy with your mom and starts dropping hints to buy her stuff. Mariana goes batshit crazy. Beware. Anyone can see how she always has drama with other females but says they are just jealous of her for having better skin but in reality Mariana and her friend Marina Torazan from DSV use an app on their phone to edit photos to have better skin but they don’t know that they turn it up too much that it’s fake and gives their secret away. Mariana has a bad temper and throws things across the room and busted up my iPad and my phone so I couldn’t call police on her. All because I refused doggy style s*x with her on a work night. She is very kinky but don’t show it up front. She wants to dominate the man and if you don’t give in she gets violent and crazy. Little by little I noticed my friends shying away and one finally confronted me about why I was so mean to Mariana. I lost friends almost as fast as she loses female friends. Then I learned that she had revenge p**n and multiple scathing entries about me and two other of her victims on sites like this one. She sent revenge p**n of me to my employer. She called 46 times in one day at my job and showed up and my boss had police issue a criminal trespassing warning on her. If she comes back she’ll e arrested and deported for her stolen identities. Her drug problem is obvious as is how she uses her job at DSV to traffic drugs. Anyone around her will be caught up in the drug bust even if u are innocent. Mariana won’t hesitate to lie and throw someone under the bus. This is how she’s gotten by in life for years. Now I could get all mean and calm her names and expose her even more but this is the basics. This is what you need to know to make your own decision on if you want to get caught up with Mariana and her drama. I’ll put it to you this way: if you deal with her for two years and she doesn’t violently attack you ruin your friendships, go bipolar, bust up your belongings or turn your friends against you or put revenge p**n online about you then I’ll pay you a thousand dollars. Deal with Aida Mariana Olguin Zetina at your own risk.

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  1. ppl r getting to know the real Mariana finally. Some one wrote me to tell me about the online stuff. Do any of u guys know about what she did making police interrogate a guy she liked & framing x g/f for it? She teamed up with a few guys that r crushing on the x g/f and they unfriended + unfollowed eachother on Facebook and Instagram to look like they don’t know each other. Mariana had brunch w him the next day and texted me that her plan worked and the guy dumped the g/f. Mariana says the guy is weird and only f***s if lights r out. What length will she go to if she had feelings for a guy if she goes this far for plane tix? Mariana gave murderous looks any time every body else smiled at her friend wedding in March and smiled when no one was. Do u know about the guy in Uptown Mariana framed for rape? She got rape kit at Parkland and lied she was pregnant all since he cut her loose after 3 dates,

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