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Maria Kazoullis, Calliope, Queensland Australia Cheaters

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Everything was fine between my husband and I until this girl Maria decided to pursue a married man! Now I know it’s not just her I blame him just as much, however she deliberately went out of her way to get his number from his friend then started sending pics of herself naked to his phone. The texting went on for 2 weeks until I caught on and heard about the little s***k. I went to approach her but she ran and hid like the b***h that she is! She knew I was pregnant too but still had no morals. The day after I tried approaching her she once again was texting and calling my husband. I messaged her and asked her what was going on but she kept denying anything ever happening, she does speed and smokes weed and has no self respect. As I find out this isn’t the first time she has been the cause of a marriage breakdown. Now my hubby came clean about everything and was remorseful, however he can be as remorseful as he wants cause I don’t stand for that c**p. Karma is a beautiful thing and I do believe they will both get what’s coming to them. She’s a nasty as dirty b***h who still denies anything and has no guts to tell the truth! I gave her a chance and if she had of been honest she wouldn’t be on here today.

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First Name: Maria
Middle Name: Kazoullis,
Last Name: Calliope, Queensland Australia
Category: Cheaters


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