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Marcus Aureli Cheaters

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Welcome to crazy land. This psycho is so awesome he videotapes his exs secretly hiding in trees. He loves to date women in their early 20’s because no woman in the world would EVER date him that is his age. He is a very large man but has the smallest most flaccid p***s I have ever seen. He tries to get it erect by slapping it on the faces of his young girlfriends. For the past 20+ years he has lived off his parents and women to support him. He is in and out of jail and is physically abusive. His parents are psychos too and if you leave him they will hunt you down because they don’t want to keep giving him money. I am not a fan of his rambling, inebriated, monotonous rapping. The guy is simply having a ball chatting bollocks about alien abductions, conspiracy theories and Star Wars of course. He is He~Man in his own world.

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First Name: Marcus
Middle Name:
Last Name: Aureli
Category: Cheaters


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