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Marcell Reese, Holland/ Kalamazoo Michigan, United States Cheaters

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Date: 12:07 am

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Do NOT LET THIS PSYCHO AROUND YOUR CHILDREN!!!! With this psycho, there aint anything good to say. Hes a pathological liar, and will do and say anything for you to trust him and give u the most pathetic sob story you’ve ever heard so he can make u feel sorry for his ***(ADMIN EDIT) a*s. Once you take his a*s in and give him food and shelter, he will literally hold you hostage in you own house. He will steal your car and he will take it for days and days at a time. If you try to leave him, he will black mail you in any way possible. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to get rid of him. Hes extremely abusive and will threaten to kill you. He will no0t leave you alone until hes done using you. I was there and cant stand the thought of another women living in constant fear and feeling so hopeless, ladies this is not a false report, he is dangerous and he will hurt you. He took my phone and everything so i could not call for help. I couldn’t leave the house, unless he was gone.. but where can u go on foot in the middle of no where?? ? If you know this man, stop all contact and do not let him know where u live. Hes a black male, claims to work for the dhs as a child care provider. W3ears glasses and is maybe around 5 foot 6. kinda chubby. He works for ******(ADMIN EDIT) by walmart in Holland Michigan.He will run your money dry also. Ladies… Be careful!!

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First Name: Marcell
Middle Name: Reese,
Last Name: Holland/ Kalamazoo Michigan, United States
Category: Cheaters


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