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Mandy Angus, Alaska Cheaters

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This is MANDY ANGUS from dirty white trash town of Maple Ridge, she currently resides at sfu and is taking health sciences. She is 20 years old and is the most dirtiest s**t in town. She does a lot of cocaine and MDMA up at the school and everyone needs to know this. She sucks d**k for coke and that is how she gets high off the s**t and is such a f*****g lazy troll a*s ho bag. She doesn’t deserve anyone or anything. Here is the story..So she loves to go to pubs, highland pub of course up at school. She has no life but to use guys for drugs. She also has different guys staying at her place in the res illegally. One day she goes to blarney stone with her TWO coke addict girlfriends and meets her guy friend to do some lines, knowing that his two other guy friends would be there and also KNOWING THAT ONE OF THE GUYs HAD A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP, she literally throws the two coke addict s***k ho b*****s to the two other guys, even the one who had a girlfriend. She tells the girls “GO DANCE WITH THEM THEY ARE SINGLE”, KNOWING ALL THIS AND KNOWING THAT ONE OF THE GUY HAD A GF. One of her coke addict girlfriends from sfu dances with the NOT SINGLE GUY and starts making out with him. AND NO ONE DID ANYTHING KNOWING THAT HE WAS INVOLVED WITH SOMEONE ELSE. The two girls obviously didn’t know because they were dumb skanks. BUT SHE F*****G KNEW HE HAD A GF AND SHE ALSO KNEW THE GF. Long story short, everything here is true and it is about time that you all know the truth about her. I am just the messenger. I was not involved nor do i know anybody. i work for this big company and overheard this story and thought i should do some damage

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First Name: Mandy
Middle Name: Angus,
Last Name: Alaska
Category: Cheaters


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