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Mance Chris Savoie, New Iberia, Louisiana Cheaters

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He owes over $60,000 in back child support for 3 different kids with 3 different mothers all have court order support. He lives between his father Tilden Joseoh (TJ) Savoie who lives 2214 W Spanish Trail Trailer 9 Or half sister Xan Callasis both reside in New Iberia, LA. Mr. Savoie is a tribal member of The Chitimacha Tribe of Louisana out of Jeanerette & Charenton, Louisana. He is a Convicted Felone 2nd degree for organized crime, several misdeamnors in Louisana & Texas for theft between )1,500-5,000 & 4 DWI’s in Louisana in Iberia & St. Mary Parishes. He tries to run a “under table” business to evade paying under name of “Savoie Services” He has been diagnosed severe sociopath, bipolar & anti social disorder. He will say he is a retired veteran of Army but he only did 2 years before the Army dishonorable discharge in 1997. He has managed to lie & manipulate the Department of Veteran Affairs to get disability compensation money which VA didn’t verify all his medical records he is stating ge got his bipolar condition from his 2 yrs in US Army when he was only stationed in Texas at Ft Hood in Kileen. He never served in a hostile combat environment. He commits identity theft when he can to steal or get items on credit. He is six foot 300 LBS bald (dark black brown hair) but he shaves head with dark brown eyes. Is is a deadbeat to his kids owing over $61,000 in court order child support but he manipulates & steals from the system to gain what he can for himself. He is a sociopath pathological liar & will lie to get what he wants. Ladies Beware!!!!


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Cheater Details

First Name: Mance
Middle Name: Chris
Last Name: Savoie, New Iberia, Louisiana
Category: Cheaters


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