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Malcolm Neil Burlow Cheaters

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This British w****r is a real mess. When I met him on he claimed to be a “widower” in his profile. Well that was true but he “confessed” on our second date that he was married … his wife tried to commit suicide and he’s on the brink of getting a divorce! Well I shoulda run for the hills but NO … I gave him a pass because he is British and I’m half British. I was looking for that cultural connection and I felt I could trust him … after all, he confessed, right? Well … long story short. we had an intense relationship from Feb 2020 to Aug 2020. The first few months we kept in touch by texting b/c he was hiding from his wife. Oh yes they were “separated” but she was still in the house. Argh. He would make harsh comments out of the blue to me … We were at my friend’s place for the first time for him, and she was showing him her lanai, and he rmarked on some chairs she bought and she said they fold up neatly, and can support 150 lbs. Out of earshot of everyone, he immediately looks at me and says “That should be enough for you, right!” How insulting! He never introduced me to anyone he knew at work or anywhere else. He did introduce me by Facetime to his sister and daughter in the UK, which I thought was nice of him. But not introducing me to anyone in person … Due to the Covid crisis, I had him at my place for dinner once a week and we went out on weekends, golfing, “florida on a tankfull” trips, etc. I also coached him, helped him find a divorce lawyer, gave him advice about how to proceed with an American divorce. Oh I was so HELPFUL … He even insisted I move in with him after the divorce. I believed him! I even gave notice to end my lease! Well long story short, he filed for divorce and when his wife finally moved out of the house, he started getting weird. I was finally able to see him at home … and when I did (and brought my dog whom I thought he liked) he became very distant. His behaviour at my place was very romantic but when I was at his home, he was like a different person. And lo and behold, when his divorce was final he says to me (on Facetime not even in person) : “I don’t want to continue. I don’t want a dog in my house and I could not ask you to put him up for adoption; you’ve had 7 years with him!” Oh and he has very weird s*x habits. He is obsessed with s*x toys, likes to wear lacy underwear made for women, watch p**n videos, and insisted on being “pegged” … ewwwww! S

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First Name: Malcolm
Middle Name: Neil
Last Name: Burlow
Category: Cheaters


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