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Maha Ati Cheaters

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This man is an acupuncturist in Santa Barbara. He claims to be “spiritual”. He preys on gorgeous woman who are “weak” and in need of his services. He’s been married several times, has fathered children, and is a sexual addict under the “guise” of being a “healer”. He is very attractive and charming. He threatens women if they want to tell the truth. I know of a woman who is very slowly, privately trying to take him to court, but she moved out of town to do so as she is afraid of him. He charged her for his services while he was having s*x with her, etc, etc…and she is not alone. He really should lose his liscense. Pray for my friend to take him to court, she has many other women who are willing to testify, as the attorney assures them they will be safe. This is insane!! Many of them have moved, changed phones, etc, just to be safe to testify against this s*x addict socipath. Beware women of Santa Barbara. He did the same thing in SLO with a private pratice. He may carry STD’s as well. Women unite, bond together and take this man to have his day in court.

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First Name: Maha
Middle Name:
Last Name: Ati
Category: Cheaters


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