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WARNING TO PUBLIC!!! M98 World is run by a Bulgarian National with false documentation from their country of origin itself. The government of this country did not even verify if the documents are legitimate or not. If they cross with Bulgarian Embassy to have a background check then local authorities will find out. The whole process of registering skilled and unskilled people for Employment in Canada without even having any tie up with any company who are looking to recruit people for various jobs has got approximately 4000 applicants registered with the sum of BD 40 to 60 (Bahrain Dinars). Now the total money made out of this scam is approximately BD 160, 000/- YES!! thats the mount that has been made out of this whole process of registration. What people don’t realise is that BD 40 or 60 or 80 does not even cover the actual administration process fee for Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. If it was so easy and affordable then more than half of the Asian community would be controlling all these countries. To go all tehse developed countries you have to go through Immigration Lawyers who handle and process your paperwork and take from fee for various requirements by the governments of these countries which will start in installments of BD 400 upto BD 1800 and above and takes about a year but genuinely you will be going legally without any hassles. For all those who have registered at M 98 or M 98 World in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc have to go their country’s local police station and launch a genuine complaint which is absolutely free. After which you gather as many applicants together who have registered a complaint at the police station and go to any lawyer and each one of you put together about BD 5 only, for example BD 5 X 50= BD 250/- for ;lawyers fee, that’s all and the lawyer will immediately get a travel ban on M 98 and all of its staff. Then the case will probably go on for few months and then eventually if the money is not returned then M 98 and staff will be jailed for a long time. Remember United we stand and divided we fall. Those agree to do so. Follow this thread and go ahead before they escape without punishment. We thank this website to genuinely support us to launch a real complaint against companies who take advantage of people’s aspiration and dreams.

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