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Lynn Greenawalt, Raleigh, North Carolina HomeWreckers

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I have known my husband for 14 years and we have gone back and forth with each other with other relationships in between. But we always come back to each other and always have been in love. Last year we decided we never wanted to be apart again and we moved in together and got married. I discovered that my husband JOEY had many problems throughout our time together but decided to look past them because I love him so much. Earlier this week Joey left our home and said he was going to stay with his mom to fix himself and see a psychiatrist so our relationship will get better. He told me that he would be back in 1 month and that he loves me and he wasn’t leaving me. Well I was suspicious so I got into his cell phone account online and found call logs where he was calling one girl constantly and talking to two other women as well. I had a friend of mine follow him later that day and sure enough he didn’t go home to his momma’s at night, he went to some apartment. I put two and two together and figured out he was staying with the girl he called the most on the cell phone logs. My friend can find out a lot of info about people and found out this girl is not divorced from her 1st husband and she has 2 kids that she got taken away by family services! What a slice of s**t. I guess they deserve each other because my husband is also a deadbeat dad of 3 kids he don’t see or take care of by 2 different women. I thought I wanted to battle this ugly chick to get my man back but now that I think on it I don’t want him back. The saddest part is he told her that he was married and unbelievably, she admitted that she knew about me! She can keep him he is her problem now. I will move on and get better but she will be stuck with him. Did you see that pic? I maybe a bigger girl myself but at least I am not ugly like she is!

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First Name: Lynn
Middle Name: Greenawalt,
Last Name: Raleigh, North Carolina
Category: HomeWreckers


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