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Lying and Cheating DIRTY Scoundrel Cheaters

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This man Michael O’Brien is the most disgusting, lying, cheating and conniving person you will ever come across. He is a disgrace to humanity. He has been married 7 years and has a 2 year old baby and then decided that was cramping his style and not the life he wanted. He would rather go boat, go out to bars and live the single life. So he ditched his wife and son and is throwing them to the curb like trash. There are receipts of hotel rooms, spa visits, jewelry purchases and all that were not for his wife.
He even abused and slapped himself until he looked injured and framed his wife and got his wife arrested and taken any for domestic violence so he could have one of his whores fly into town and stay at the house with him. He works at chrysler dodge jeep ram dealership in crestview fl in finance and comes home and brags about how he ripped people of that day.
If you ever come across this guy or date him BEWARE!!!

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First Name: Lying
Middle Name: and
Last Name: Cheating DIRTY Scoundrel
Category: Cheaters


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