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Luke Borghi, California Cheaters

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Such a shameful feeling to be chronicled on a website such as this but it does serve me right. The two accounts written here reflect the despicable behavior that I’ve exhibited over the years in my relationships with several women. I am sorry to have wasted the valuable time of people and for telling countless lies to maintain the appearances of legitimate relationships and intimacy with some really wonderful women. I have significant remorse regarding this type of mistreatment by me but I’ve mostly hid from it, maintaining the neglectful stance of a coward. Today it is time for me to forgive myself and to allow myself some peace of mind moving forward. Today, I bury that horse in the ground. I’m in hopes that there comes a day when I’m mentioned on a website for positively impacting someone’s life. To be marked as sick and evil is fair for now in this arena though I am on the move toward earning higher marks as a human. In terms of STDs in association with my name, visit my Hula profile for documentation of a clean bill of health in that regard: Note – As soon as the Herpes virus is included in Hula’s comprehensive profile package I will have that result posted. As soon as there is a reliable HPV test available to men, I will have that result posted as well. I have never had an STD. I have never been symptomatic of an STD. But I have been a total jerk far too often in my life. I thank BSMS and Snowy for posting these passages. Addressing BSMS directly – I am sorry. Addressing Snowy directly – I am sorry. I am truly sorry. Sincerely, Luke Borghi

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First Name: Luke
Middle Name: Borghi,
Last Name: California
Category: Cheaters


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