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Luigi Gardea Cheaters

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Date: 11:51 am

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Worthless piece of s**t who refuses to get check for STDS and HIV/AIDS. He brags about being “Mr. Male W***e of Texas” He has s*x with everyone on his campuses at San Antonio College and Texas Tech. He does p**n and does not like to used condoms ever. He stays infected with STD’s. He gave my friend a STD last year. She was a mixed black girl and he was a racists to her. He would make fun of her nationality and say racial slurs to her face. He basically treated her like c**p and she was nice to him. I f*****g hate Luigi Gardea and I want to make sure the world knows what he did to my friend. He is a nasty a*s man!

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First Name: Luigi
Middle Name:
Last Name: Gardea
Category: Cheaters


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