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Lou Miller Cheaters

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Where to start for this piece of work. Lou Miller Scam. Summit Mobile Home Park Scam. Lou Miller used to own Miller Toyota. He now owns The Summit Mobile Home Park in West Hills, CA. Someone should have told him that people hate used car sales people and you should NOT do business like you are still in the car business when you are lucky enough to get out. This slum lord is illegally using undue influence and is manipulating the price of the home that he owns and controls. By pricing people out of the homes retirees and families have bought by jumping rents hundreds of dollars, Lou Miller and partners seem to be wanting to take over homes rather than providing real value for their profits. In a near depression environment, he feels justified in jumping rents when leases expire — leases that increase a generous 5% per year. When leases expire he raises them by as much as a 20%. We are in L.A. county so we can find no government agency authorized to monitor or stop him from taking people’s homes away. Does anyone know any [legal] way to stop him? Are there any organizations or politicians who can stop the slaughter? Who can help us? The rents within 5 miles of the Summit Park: The average rent is $796. There is no evidence management is putting any money into the park that would warrant this excessive increase and in fact this park is worse than 100& of them. The effect is people turning over their homes and equity to the park giving management another free rental at the expense of people unable to hold on to their homes because the excessive rents have become unaffordable. One lady whose home burned asked for a temporary reduction of rent while they get back on their feet and he reportedly answered, “Why should I?” She gave him her keys and walked away. Another homeowner completely destroyed his home rather than have the Park benefit from his home after failing to be allowed to sell his home as management can prevent a sale through the tenant approval process. This is not survival, just greed. I am not sure what else to do , but to warn people about this Shark. At this time he has 30-40 of the homes that he now owns because he raised the rents too high for these people to be able to afford them. He is trying to sell and/or rent these units. If you purchase one of his units you pay 3-500 less per month than anyone else in the park as he also sets the lot lease rates. No wonder no one can sell. He sets the price and he controls who can move in. How is this not illegal? Any lawyers out there that want to take this slum lord down?

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First Name: Lou
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Last Name: Miller
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