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Lopiparo-Drew Liz, Illinois Anonymous Illinois

It’s not to often you come across a real scumbag, however this w**** is. Real piece of work. She’s the cream of the crop of white trash. This b**** filed for divorce from her husband right after he wa diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She dragged him into court and tried taking everything he had left. Poor guy had to move in with his mother who took care of him until his passing on march 31st 2018 @ age 47. She’s the laziest pill poppin trash you’ll ever meet. She’s trying to take his life insurance and did t even help with funeral costs then shows up to the funeral. Pure scum…… Theirs. Special place in h**l waiting for people like her. Karma is a b**** and I hope you suffer in agaonizing pain when you die. Your son will relize what a piece of feces you are.

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