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Loida Rose Anonuevo HomeWreckers

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I was with my husband for 12 years we had 4 kids and for the most part we had an awesome relationship. We have had a few bumps in the road but all marriages do.

For almost 7 years my husband didn’t work I have always been the main bread winner however I never complained I was okay with it. Well my husband decided to go to school in Berkeley CA for Phlebotomy. He did really well in school and passed. I applied for him for several jobs throughout the bay area. His first interview for Labcorp of America in San Francisco in August 2012 and he gets the job. He starts working and gets transferred to a new site sometime in October.

There is where he meets Loida Rose Anonuevo a 26 year old Philippine girl. He starts telling me how he feels bad for her how she’s pregnant and doesn’t make s lot of money. I should have seen the signs but I was blind.

My husband started leaving early and coming home late. He had been picking her up from her apartment in Walnut Creek and taking her to work and also bringing her home. For months this went on and I had no clue. For months he was taking her to lunch and dinner. He would visit her on the weekends. She would call his cell phone blocked and he would call her from the pay phone where he would get gas at on his way home. Who knows what happened in my car or on their visits on the weekends but I can just imagine.

I confronted this coward homewrecker and she had nothing to say.

It’s so sad that after 12 years my husband would jeopardize his family over someone who could never provide or give him the love we could.

I don’t understand how people who are destroying families can sleep at night. I hope Karma slaps both of them so hard that when it happens they are reminded of what they did to my family.

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First Name: Loida
Middle Name: Rose
Last Name: Anonuevo
Category: HomeWreckers


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