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**BEWARE LADIES**CHEATER**SEXADDICT SPEADING STDs**VIOLENT AND SUFFERS FROM MENTAL ILLNESS**Logan Herring Sr. – CEO of REACH Riverside, Kingswood Community Center and The Teen Warehouse in Wilmington DE

I wouldn’t have found any of this out if it wasn’t for me being nosey and snooping around. Logan seemed like such a nice guy and was very charming. Is that what they say about all psychopaths? He played the “victim” really well…telling me that the reason for his divorce was al l caused by his wife. He said he divorced her because she was an alcoholic, but then I facebook stalked her and saw that he gave her a “wine purse” for valentine’s day. If someone drinks too much then why would you as a husband give her a gift like that??…it just didn’t make sense. He tried to say that she cheated and he was always faithful and would never step out on her. Well I am glad I listened to my gut…something just wasn’t right here. I went through his computer when I was spent the night at his house and found out this guy is dangerous and a complete pathological liar! I found psychotherapy notes saying that he suffers from major depression and he admitted to cheating on his wife, apparently there were several women!!! Nothing in the psychotherapy notes say anything about her cheating, just him lying and cheating and using women. Oh it gets even crazier, he apparently has a S*X ADDICTION and uses women to “feel good about himself”. Just disgusting. Oh it gets better! The most disturbing thing I found were medical records saying he HAS STDs! WTF! He gave me the impression that he wasn’t seeing anyone else except me and I bought right into his bulls***. He is a con-artist. I am devastated! After finding out that this mentally ill s*x addict has STDs and has knowingly been sleeping with me and countless other women and passing this around I decided to get tested, and yes I tested positive!!!! I tested positive for ureaplasma and herpes!!!! I am completely devastated!!! I also saw on his computer tons of messages from at least 15other women he is apparently sleeping with in addition to me! He is just spreading this sh** around! Message to Tiffany Kaye, “I got a king sized bed with an ocean view”. He invited her to fly from Atlanta to spend time with him on a work trip in Miami. What a romantic way to pass on an STD. Message to Tierra Fair (she works with him), “You won’t let me give you what I want for my birthday”. I wonder if it’s awkward now at work, both of them walking around with STDs. Message to Trenika, “I’m so hard at work right now! Am I ever going to see you again?” Welcome to the STD club Trenika. Message from Natalie Torres (from Christiana Care Hospital)- “I can come over but it won’t be until later when your son is asleep”. Even passing along STDs while your son sleeps in the other room. You get the father of the year award Sir! LADIES BEWARE!!!This is a snake in the grass that suffers from mental illness, depression, s*x addiction, and is violent. There is a court ordered protection from abuse order where he was found GUILTY of pulling a deadly weapon on his WIFE, throwing her down and even destroying his son’s toy!). He just uses women to “feel good about himself”. Get yourself tested for STDs…IMMEDIATELY!!!!I know there will be some of you who will continue to be blinded by charm of this lying snake in the grass and will want to investigate things for yourself. Knock yourself out…the password to his computer is “Ilovemyson”…only the “I” is capitalized and everything else is lower case. For your reading pleasure, here are some of documents I found on his computer that back up everything I just said. GET TESTED!!!

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