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Lisa Cruz HomeWreckers

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Lisa started having s*x with my narcissistic abuser con artist Mason St. George when she first met him. She kept sitting around places she knew we would be walking or eating waiting for him so patiently to get rid of me. He treated me much worse because he wanted to be with her. He wouldn’t let me go because he wanted to steal my debit card and finish destroying me. Then she started dressing like me and stalking me giving me pity faces and trying to get near me. He gave her a black eye most likely because she said the wrong thing or didn’t want to obey him. She leaves covert messages for me that they broke up and that he’ll be with me and then get back together with her. This is so they can steal my debit card. I have been through his horror movie lying, falsely accusing me of things he was doing, verbal abuse, gas lighting, chrating on me with so many women that I finally threw him at one. I ghosted him and hid from him, avoided him, cut off all contact. Yes I left. BECAUSE HE WAS CHEATING ON ME WITH LISA.

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First Name: Lisa
Middle Name:
Last Name: Cruz
Category: HomeWreckers


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