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Linda Uys, Bottineau, North Dakota HomeWreckers

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I first met this little homewrecker in 2002, when I assisted her in getting away from an abusive husband. Over the years I have helped her with financial problems and believed her stories and lies that she told to get sympathy and help. We developed a friendship until I found out she was going after a man I was seeing 4-5 years ago. The man is history and I stopped associating with Linda for sometime. She again came to me for help and the sucker that I am, forgave her and helped her out again. Then the little homewrecker moved in across the street from me! I was just sick over it. It was one thing to tolerate her but now she lives across the street!! After a few months she has a gentleman move in with her and they get married soon after. He’s a great guy, and very devoted to her. I was happy for them and thought maybe she just needed to meet a good guy and things would be alright again. The summer after Linda and Paul got married, my now husband moved in with me. Him and Paul became great friends right away, which meant I had to tolerate Linda. I didn’t tell my husband about the trouble I had with Linda in the past, I didn’t see the point in doing so. After a few months Dana (my husband) and I decided to get married and of course, Paul was asked to be a groomsman, so I was obligated to have Linda as a bridesmaid. Life went on as normal, no problems with our neighbors, they came over occasionally, we had garage sales together, went out together, her kids would come over to help garden or just to visit, (they are great kids)… I even confided in her when my husband and I had a rough patch, stupid!!! Then things started to get rough between Linda and her husband. She was angry because he didn’t make enough money and such. She then started to say he was getting rough with her. My husband and I fell for her story and told her we would help her and the kids if needed. Shortly after she said he beat her up, which turned out to be bullshit. She kicked him out and served him with divorce papers in Sept 2013, right before my husband and left for Hawaii. When in Hawaii my husband thought it would be nice if we picked up a gift for Linda to cheer her up. So I picked out a cute little hand crafted jewelry box and took it over to her when we returned home. My husband behavior began changing back in August, I wasn’t sure why, but things seemed back on track by October….one morning in the beginning of November I noticed my husband didn’t come to bed, when I got up for work I found him on the sofa sleeping and noticed his phone was blinking. I checked the message, it was from Linda stating ” I got my thigh highs on are you coming over” then a few more messages stating “hello??? hello???”. I looked back at prior messages and saw a few more from her and replies from my husband also. I put his phone down and went to take a shower and right before leaving for work I texted him a message ” you better hurry she’s got her thigh highs on” and left for work. As soon as I get there I recieve a message from her ” I am so embarrassed!! That text was meant for this guy from the lake that I’ve been seeing on the down low… I was just teasing him like he does to me, I’m so sorry!!” I didn’t reply. My husband was left for work for the week so I did some digging. I printed off all the phone history, hundreds of messages, all horrid, and highlighted every call and text from and to linda then printed off divorce papers and left them on the kitchen table with the phone records, then met my friends for a drink. I normally don’t drink very often anymore, but I needed to get out of the house!!! Next think I know, my husband comes in the bar asking about the divorce papers…. I don’t know how he knew something was up… but anyway we got in a huge fight and he hid the divorce papers. I had already started packing his c**p for him and just wanted him gone! I took the first chance I could to confront Linda, caught her alone getting out of her car, luckily I left my bat in the house…. I told her if she ever even looked towards my home or family I would come after her. After I cooled down enough we talked and started going to marriage counseling. Since then Linda has taken her husband back, but still lives across the street. I haven’t made up my mind on what to do, and I don’t know if I can forgive this one.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Linda
Middle Name: Uys,
Last Name: Bottineau, North Dakota
Category: HomeWreckers


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