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Liezl Rogers Vereeniging, South Africa HomeWreckers

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Date: 1:09 pm

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My husband used to work with this twatwaffle – she was after him since he started working at the company. Eventually when he left for another town he fell for her advances. She knew all along we were married and that I was expecting our second child. The affair only lasted for about 4 months.

In that 4 months he missed his daughters birth because of her, he assaulted me while I was 38 weeks pregnant because I didn’t want to give my cellphone to him so that he could send her a message. He also left me alone at 37 weeks to move our house all by myself while he was sitting in a bar getting drunk with her.

They got each other’s names tatooed in chinese on their arms (my husband had my name tatooed on his wrist and she did not like it one bit and thats where she got the idea from).

Both her and her sister went into a raging fit when I phoned her husband (yes she is married with two kids!) and when I sent him ALL the fb messages and everything between her and my husband that I discovered after the affair was over (which both of them tried to conceal unbelievably hard). She told him in a message how she wanted him for 8 months but he didn’t want her cause she could see he loved me a lot, but she f****d it up and she doesn’t care.

So she tried to get a divorce from her husband (which supports her and all her expensive habits), he got the divorce, the house, car and children taken away from her and sued her for maintenance (and got all of it). So she decided to stay with him because she is too lazy to look after herself.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Liezl
Middle Name: Rogers
Last Name: Vereeniging, South Africa
Category: HomeWreckers


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