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Lesly Shanks, Greenville, Kentucky Cheaters

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My husband works an hour a way from the home for comcast. I noticed in April that he added a girl from work on his facebook, which was a bit out of character for him since he posts very inappropriate things on facebook he usually doesn’t add coworkers. I asked him about it and he said oh she’s just the “fat b***h” in the office. He pulled up her facebook and showed me that she was indeed fat and ugly. We had a good laugh about her lack of eyebrows and jacked teeth and he told me some BS about how she had sent him a request so he accepted it. I noticed when he had her facebook up that she was very much married and had children. In May/June, I started catching them having flirty conversations on facebook, but let it slide. It was innocent flirting from what I could see and I was very secure about myself and my marriage. We had been together for 12 years and married for 10 at this point, but on June 8th, while I was cooking dinner, my husband told me he couldn’t do it anymore. He said that working 60 hour weeks and that hour drive to and from work just to come home to our TWO special needs kids was just getting to be too much and he felt mentally crammed. He explained he had been having anxiety attacks and just needed a break, so I told him to go take a breather. I was trying to be sympathetic. He started staying in Greenville, KY where he worked, but was coming home on weekends and hanging out with the kids and I was driving to him every couple nights for dates/s*x. Around the 4th of July, he tells me he thinks he’s feeling better and wants to come home now. We spent the 4th weekend together with our kids. We had A LOT of s*x and he said tons of I love yous and talked about how he needed to see a therapist for his anxiety and such. I agreed…. Well I had to drive him back to Greenville to get his work truck one night after a cook out at a friend’s house. The kdis were tired so I left him with the friend while I took the kids home to our babysitter and I was coming back to get him and run him to his vehicle. BUT he left his phone in my jeep. I don’t typically snoop, but for some reason, I picked it up and snooped. I found text messages from Lesly, the fat b***h in the office, dating back to before he left. The text messages said that she loved him and stuff like that. I confronted him about the texts and he confessed that he’d been having an affair with her since April. He told me her husband had JUST found out as well and kicked her out. He was still telling me he loved me and wanted to come home and he was sorry, but I was so hurt. He begged me to spend the night with him, so I did, but I got up and left early in the morning. A few days later he asked me to dinner so I went. He again begged to come home and told me how much he loved me. All the while Lesly is blowing up his phone and posting all over his facebook. WHILE we are on our “date” I leave him again, because her blowing him up was bothering me. She started stalking my facebook and making comments to him (he was showing me at this point what was going on between them) about how she couldn’t compete with me and pretty much everyday she’d ask him questions about things I was posting. She seemed very insecure and jealous. The two of them wrecked her marriage and were on the brink of wrecking mine. He was still seeing her and having s*x with her, while coming home and having s*x with me. He would even have s*x with her and then text me asking me to help get him off, because she couldn’t finish the job. I think I allowed it to go on as long as I did, because this woman was trying to steal my husband. she was sleeping with my husband but I got some satisfaction in knowing she wasn’t enough for him or something. In August, he finally convinced me to let him come home and try to get past this, but this chick still won’t leave him alone. Her husband divorced her over her affair with MY husband and from my understanding she got kind of screwed in her divorce, because it came out that my husband was not the only married man she has been having an affair with. It appears this woman likes married men… just not hers. My husband has been home now for 2 weeks and this chick is still stalking us on facebook. She is 30 but acts 13. Greenville, Ky LOOK OUT this girl finds her thrills in sleeping with married men!

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First Name: Lesly
Middle Name: Shanks,
Last Name: Greenville, Kentucky
Category: Cheaters


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