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Leslie Blair Reames Texas / Georgia HomeWreckers

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Date: 3:30 am

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A lovely little tale of a homewrecking w***e named Leslie Blair Reames. She attempted to break up my marriage not once, but twice. She met my husband on a flight, where they started chatting about their common interest in running. They swapped Facebook information (big mistake) and the next thing I know she started commenting on his photos on Facebook of his activities and our kids. My husband and I were not in a great place in our marriage. The usual ups and downs. We were on a down and that’s when this vulture swooped in. General chats turned into flirting… Flirting turned into sexting… Sexting turned into date nights when my husband was flying to TX for ‘work’… After seeing too many comments and posts from her, I became suspicious. So I asked my husband who she was… His reaction told me everything…I didn’t say anything… But that night I logged into his email account, and there I found the first email from her… Naked… And a quote… “Thinking of you…” My husbands response? “Thank you baby. I’m always thinking of you too…” Needless to say, I was devastated. I had never even considered the possibility of my husband cheating on me. With two kids and nearly 10 years of marriage… I guess I thought I was in the safe zone… WRONG! So after the initial confrontation with my husband… We both called her, and after having a few choice words to say to her, my final warning was “My husband and I are NEVER going to hear from you again, are we” It wasn’t really a question. So… Silly me thought that was that. She’d been caught and confronted. Oh, and did I mention she’s also married with young children? Yeah…. So… My husband and I go back to the counselling, where he was promising to make it up to me for he rest of our lives… Goes away to work for a few weeks, and comes back saying he wants a divorce… Wtf? Turns out they never stopped talking despite BOTH of them yapping on about how sorry they were and how it was so wrong and they’ve realized their mistake. So… Fast forward through me doing anything and everything I can to try and save my marriage. At a loss to know why my husband seems so reluctant to even try to work on things…. It was heartbreaking! Then all of a sudden the light dawns. I got a phonecall from HER husband…. Who proceeded to tell me about the relationship that they had been having for the last few months… Including my husband flying her to GA, staying at hotels, going to baseball games, trips to Stone Mountain… All while they BOTH knew how much my heart was aching while my marriage was falling apart. Spreading her legs seems to be a bit of an issue… Turns out my husband is not the first guy she has cheated on her husband with. So her husband shares the information with me that he has gathered… Meanwhile she has come clean with him and is begging him to reconsider divorcing her. Ha! Thank goodness he’s had enough of her….So… After talking with my husband… It turns out he was going to tell me everything and ask for my forgiveness even if her husband hadn’t called… Because he wants his family back… As of right now… I am working on if I can forgive him, and how… She is about to be served divorve papers…. And that is what I like to call Karma… She did her best not once but twice, to destroy my family… Her evil lies… Her attempts to drag my husband away from me and the kids didn’t work. Oh… And did I mention? The WHOLE time she was messing around with my husband…. she was texting me to say how sorry she was… how she would never do something like this again… and to PLEASE forgive him.I really was not aware that someone this evil and devious existed. You would have thought catching them the first time would have been warning enough… Nope! They continued and made it all even worse. Her poor husband…. I’m just glad he has seen the light…. and will be getting rid of her ugly w***e a**e for good. So she didn’t end up with her husband, she didn’t end up with my husband… I thought long and hard about whether I was going to expose this w***e… but as I had already warned her about doing this last time, when I first caught them… and she decided to continue to pursue my husband, making it even worse…. yep… checkmate b***h!!!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Leslie
Middle Name: Blair
Last Name: Reames Texas / Georgia
Category: HomeWreckers


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