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Leia Metrick Cheaters

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Leia Metrick was once a cool awesome person who had dreams and plans- until she used adult friend finder as bicutiebbw69, as leia955, okcupid as kali9555, plenty of fish as leia955, and as kali955, she also uses a handle ktkt723 for other not so secret stuff she was doing. Instead of breaking up she found the way to use adult friend finder behind her ex boyfriends back to meet and play with men, women, and couples, while he was away. No one is innocent but 250 followers one who was hiv positive (handymanBM) on adultfriendfinder was too much for one person to handle. She posted over 50 photos and videos of herself online and according to her adultfriendfinder profile she was into bondage, pain and humiliation, group sexs, gangbangs, and other deviant c**p that not the average person would care to do. She denied all these activities and denied her photos and videos until she admitted in couples therapy that she was indeed on and meeting people on adultfriendfinder. The dumbest thing was to forgive leia metrick more so that she lost over 100 pounds after a biatric surgery that nearly killed her after a year spent smoking and drinking booze all the time. People including her ex boyfriend were there for her and she turns her back and now is the trophy of her new pals. Just beware she accused her ex of having HPV yet somehow some way she mysteriously said in the end she was cured. She has major issues and denies that she needs help. All good.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Leia
Middle Name:
Last Name: Metrick
Category: Cheaters


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