Lead-8 Senior Assoc Director Maciej igor SETNIEWSKI Hong Kong lies wearing condoms spreads 艾滋病 HIV+

Hong Kong Polish Lead-8 architect Maciej SETNIEWSKI likes Design Photography Architecture BUT he also like s*x with gay asians on crystal meth Ghb. Me and him on and off FWB dating because I am from Taipei. He told me to visit his flat in Sheungwan, a s*x party with 8 people. I asked him if the condom he is wearing, he said “yes” and he is safe and PREP, and I found out he his no condom, and read about he is Hiv+ online. I can only want to warn you the readers. HE IS THE the one who gave me the virus, this liar sweet talk and climax to e*******e inside with no condom. Horrible liar disease spreader and the doctor said I may have other STDs, HPV or HepC

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