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Laura Leeann Young, Palestine, Texas

This person while locked up made it sound like we would be together for ever even convinced me to start the paper work so that she could come up to Canada after her parole was finished kept telling me how she needed funds sent to her to get back her license after her release strung me along never once telling me she was with some new guy from her home town until I saw it on her facebook page now she refuse to return a family heirloom ring that was given to her because I thought we were going to be together for ever…

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Author: Anonymous

1 thought on “Laura Leeann Young, Palestine, Texas”

  1. lol you fool , she is nothing but a user always has been always will be she cares about only 1 person
    her anyone that gets close to her ends up getting burned in the end .i can see her back in prison with in a year for being that stupid that she is dealing again but the cops in her town are too slow to catch on that she is dealing in grass and pills behind every ones back that does / did care for her

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