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Lara Walleston, Dedham, Massachusetts HomeWreckers

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My husband and I have been married 14 year and have 2 kids. Lara was messing around with my husband when he was cheating with another girl Tara. I confronted Lara by phone last year in October where she proceeded to say that she didn’t know he was married and that he told her he was divorced. She apologized constantly and stated that she was divorced because her husband cheated on her also. That she was on the other end of the phone call. I actually at that moment respected her thinking she was better than that because she was so apologetic. A couple of weeks after that my husband filed for a divorce. They have continued to see each other and have now moved in with each other in (Middleboro, MA). My husband is military which also goes against their code of conduct.

She has ruined not just my life but my kids also. He puts her before the kids and never makes any time to see them. She is an Anatomy/Physiology and Biology teacher at (Removed) in Walpole, Massachusetts. She portrays that she cares about her students but obviously lacks morals and integrity to break up a home. She didn’t want to share her time with my husband during the summer so she made him request that he not get them more than 2 weeks during the summer. He doesn’t even call his kids or even request visitation. There’s obviously so much more information to this story of being married to this narcissist. But I’ve just had enough of her!

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First Name: Lara
Middle Name: Walleston,
Last Name: Dedham, Massachusetts
Category: HomeWreckers


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