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LA Fitness East Walpole Business

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From whom it may concern. My name is Anthony fares, i am a Lebanese female who is dedicated to her workout and exercise . About an hour ago i was enable to walk in to my regular gym using my family membership, who i have been a member for the past 3 years because the manager and the receptionist could not identify me as a member and could not verify me as the person holding that account, apparently u need to have Ur identification( pic, photo I.D., license or a passport) to walk into ur regular gym which u use regularly and minimum of 6 days a week regardless of the fact that other members on my family account verified that it was truly me on that account. The people that menages the La fitness club in Walpole, Ma were very rude and treated me very unfairly and called the police on me because i refused to walk out of the gym and they required me to drive back home to get my identification and come back to verify myself and by the time i came back the person Andrew was not there, he was gone. I felt embarrassed, discriminated and ashamed . i could not work out and i was enable to use my account because the mangers thought my name is suspicious and im pretending to be someone else. I verified the information that i hold on my account from phone number to my address, and regardless of that he still called the police saying he was only doing his job. Was i robbing him!? was i robbing the gym !? Did the fact of my muscles made look like a trouble!? or the fact that i am a Lebanese and have a bit of accent gave him the right to harass me and treat me unfairly . I pay 119.99 a month for me my mum and my two brothers to get yelled out and kicked out by the police . And not to mention the fact that their computer could not allow them to post my pic on the account, it was showing restricted with a pic of the entrance door on the account .

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First Name: LA
Middle Name: Fitness
Last Name: East Walpole
Category: Business


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