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Kristel Louis Cheaters

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EVERYONE this Girls needs to be put on BLAST EVERYWHERE! Where do I begin? Well, first of all, she needs to be kicked off the internet. She is pretending to be a dating coach and a matchmaker while actually being a homewrecker. She asks people for personal information while using it as blackmail if they don’t give her what she wants. She is a married woman yet cheats constantly on her husband with other men. She has a Facebook group called Afroasiac which you can’t join unless you donate to her dating threw go fund me but she is only using a small amount of money to the app and that’s why its a bust. The rest of the money she is taking and is using it to fund her lifestyle. She tells people she has cancer and some other lies so they feel compelled to donate to her. She creates events and cancels them at the last minute so she can keep the money and not refund people back and gets them to pay her via PayPal. She did not pay the guy with money the one who made her the Afroasiac app. She paid him with her body instead. A lot of the money raised threw her app went towards her trip she took last year to LA so she could hook up with guys while her poor husband works at home. She pretends to be nice and people’s friends when really she hates all people and does not trust them, they all look like doller sighs to her. She is the most Narsistic person you will ever meet. Everything is about her and she is the center of all drama. ON top of all that she has 5 FAKE Facebook accounts and she talks trash about black women and single moms she makes fun of them while pretending to be an Asian man. When she gets called out for saying these things she immediately takes it down backtracks and acts like she never did it or would do something like that. She contradicts herself self and shes a pathological lier while being the BIGGEST RACIST, Especially girls with dark skin. She calls them FLOOZIES. This CRAZY Lunny Tune Tick that never stops Toc-ing Needs to be CANCELED FROM THE internet.

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First Name: Kristel
Middle Name:
Last Name: Louis
Category: Cheaters


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