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Kristeena Ybarbo Cheaters

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This is the worst b***h I ever met. I dated her after I paid for her at a strip club. First mistake. I told the b***h I didn’t want her the first time but she persisted because I had mad money then. I banger her hotter friend a few times first but she still sneaked behind her back to get me. Second Mistake. Then she came to see me in California, when I read her phone the first two texts were a jokes about my coming to her strip club and the other was from her other stripper friend talking about how to get money out of my account. My trash Kristeena lied about her 2 daughters, 2 divorces, her earnings, degree, and that she is a stripper and was a p**n girl. She stole so much from me but mainly screwed my great life up with her lies. Oh and BTW, she let me believe her stripper name KIM BUXX was her real name for 6 months. No lie. Then she said she could get pregnant even though she had an IUD for 7 years already. She has lied about the smallest things to the biggest and has tricked me out of money,sent me to jail for a domestic violence lie and kicked me out to let me freeze with no phone, money or id which ended me up in a homeless shelter for 4 days. Even though I made over 200k for years before this she was able to find a sneaky way to leave me for dead twice. Say a single word to offend her and she will put a plan in motion to destroy you, take your kid, etc… She sole money from me before xmas and then put me in jail to destroy my entire holiday with m son but her brats avoided eviction and had a nice holiday. This chick lies if her mouth is moving and like all career srippers wants what you have and doesn’t care what she has to do to get it. Took me 3 years and many, many reality checks and people to help me see that this isn’t a good person. I actually thought I loved her but I was just desperate and fooling myself. It took being abandoned by her again to meet some amazing people who showed me. Now I understand and I don’t care if she dies tomorrow. she is already dead to me. It’s fun to hook up with strippers people. Don’t date them! ever!!!!!!!!!!! Las Vegas, cheetahas, rhino and crazy horse three. Beware. Her and her little partner in crime vixen will take you for everything you got and then come home and ruin your life there. please listen. no strippers, they are to use abuse and leave fast. She says she did it because she had incest with her brother and many other men but now she is running back to her dieing mother who she has abandoned for years. I think it’s all lies but who knows. Everything is a lie with this crazy person. She says she kidnapped her own kid from her x Dominick rivera. She says she scammed guys at her strip club Cheetah’s las Vegas with her friend Hanna who doesn’t even work there. Lies to guys about going home with them from the club but she went home with me so is it really a lie?? She works with another girl like her named Melissa / Vixen but she thinks Melissa is a hooker cuz she never works and always has money. She doesn’t care though because Melissa is her sugar momma and pays her bills and lets her live there even though she will never see a dime back. At least she lies for her so her husband doesn’t know what she really does. This is pure evil and they can blind you to it. x p**n star stripper. Do you need to know anything more??? Sad part is. When her fake a*s makeup is off she is homely and even uglier inside.

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First Name: Kristeena
Middle Name:
Last Name: Ybarbo
Category: Cheaters


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