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Krista Ramirez, Des Moines, Iowa Psychos

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Date: 12:34 pm

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This woman is a real peice of work…… She has had 4 children, the first she gave up for adoption (Lucky kid) the other three DHS removed from her home over 6 years ago. She was horribly abusive to them and the man she was living with at the time. He has the children (They aren’t even his!) Krista hasn’t tried to see them in over 5 years! She won’t pay child support due to the fact that she is normally so high on meth she wouldn’t be able to hold down a job! She will p**n ANYTHING she can get her hands on. She steals from her friends, family, boyfriends. Totally hateful b***h…. Lives her life to get high and doesn’t care who she has to hurt to do it. Last I knew she was living at 3808 Douglas Ave in Des moines, IA. She never has a phone or residense very long because she doesn’t pay bills. She is a complete waste of space. If you know her, or think you might. Be sure to tell her what a worthless pig she is….. She was married to a Keith Trotter but he had her arrested for assualt w/ a weapon… so I don’t know if they are still together. She frequents many small bars in the des moines area, Hull ave tap, HARDTIMES, and pretty much anywhere she can get her fat mouth around a beer. She has also been known to be involved in prostitution, be warned she is a complete psychopath if you get involved you will end up losing ALL of your stuff. Plus when you try to kick her out she will attack you and then call the police and press charges on you. This has happened in all of her relationships. She constantly tries to play the victim, singing her poor me song to anyone who will listen. If they call her bullshit she will go from poor pitiful me to CRAZY KRISTA CRACK HEAD in about 2 seconds. So all of Iowa look out…. she’s out there waiting for her next fix…..

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First Name: Krista
Middle Name: Ramirez,
Last Name: Des Moines, Iowa
Category: Psychos


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