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Krissi Kay, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Cheaters

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At 19 years old this all around classy girl has decided to dedicate her life to doing anything to a married d**k for drugs, attention, or just a quick wink in her direction. At such a young age she has already managed to ruin a marriage of 8years (knowing the wife was 8 months pregnant), let alone sneaking up on the pregnant wife and bashing her in the face with a mason jar and almost knocking her down HER stairs at HER house! Yes, you heard it right…the desperate toddler s**t was inside the house when the wife came home and ran upstairs to surprise the pregnant wife with a bash to the side of the head! Even after the husband found out and cut off all connection with the all American s***k, she decided the next best thing was to steal all of the husbands items and post up pictures of her wearing his shirts on Facebook, begging for a place to stay because she has no car, no money, and no friends and even go as psycho far as to secretly going back to their house, placing a creepy yard gnome on the MARRIED couples porch, just to post it on Facebook as if she was living there! Long story short. She’s s psychotic, pathetic, desperate, do anything for some drugs or attention, home wrecking, w***e who would manipulate you into thinking she has a baby or even the “clap”…just hoping it’s enough to keep you around! If that’s for you…feel free to take her. P.S. She DOES have a boyfriend who existed through this while process, so if interested…you may want to notify home prior…considering he most likely has no idea that he’s f*****g the same chick half of Oklahoma is. Good luck with those felony charges doll face ?

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First Name: Krissi
Middle Name: Kay,
Last Name: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Category: Cheaters


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