Kimmy Cloud + Highland Village Texas- Cloud 9 Charities Cloud 9 Salon

Nik, Kimmy Cloud goes by Kim Brooks, Kim Dean, Kim Skidmore & Kim Cloud. Kim plays the role of a Christian biz owner but she needs to get a new plastic surgeon or a face lift b/c the cracks in her act seep through that tanned, scorched sagging skin of hers. Kim is a ho, carries numerous Std’s, & tries to steal husbands of her employees, but now has to stoop to try for their sons. Cougar Kim likes ’em young and non circumcised. Kim is a serial tax Evader, forged documents from her shriveled up dead mom, and it’s a given that cloud 9 charity benefits her by paying for hotel rooms for all the boys that refuse the used up wore down s***k. At nearly 60 Kim enjoys meth, bars, drinking. Kim is drunk 24/7 and fat as h**l.

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