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Kim Cottam, Ormond Beach, Florida Cheaters

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Date: 2:16 pm

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Bleached Blonde, mid-forties, married with three daughters. Stalker…. desperate. Trashy… Daytona Beach, Florida area. Knows the ins- and- outs of cheating- *67/phone-cards, etc. Apparently this wasn’t her first time around the track. Knows how to use fake names at hotels, etc.Talks rudely about husband and openly says he brings home money and that is why she stays with him. Gives money, buys presents for co-cheater. Skanky. Beware. Misappropriates company funds to further extra-curricular sexual pursuits. Dishonest and manipulative.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Kim
Middle Name: Cottam,
Last Name: Ormond Beach, Florida
Category: Cheaters


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