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Ki-Shik Park Cheaters

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I first met Ki-Shik aka Shawn online. I was living in kelowna at the time and was going through a rough time. We started dating and moved in together a little while after. He was a big sweetheart at first. Always had surprises, made sure i had everything that i wanted, etc. We eventually got married, because I fell in love of course.

A short while after we got married I began to suspect that he was cheating on me. I never knew for sure at that point but i found his lavalife profile on his laptop one day and that clued me in. About 6 months into the marriage he started acting weird, short tempered a lot. I didn’t understand at the time that it was drug induced but i figured it out later. he began to hit me, not really bad at first but then I would get knocked out without warning, unprevoked. At the same time he would force himself on me (rape). Throughout this entire time any time i tried to leave he threatened my life as well as my family’s. And threatened suicide. this frightened me, i didn’t know any better. I finally got an opportunity to leave when he went on a trip to Montreal for a month and haven’t looked back since.

Since then I have filed charges against him for assault. He got 1000 fine and 3 months probation. Just doesn’t seem fit does it. He is a Korean Male, 25, very fit and obsessed with working out and looking good. He keeps his hair very short and he is a complete momma’s boy. Stay away from him no matter what you think he is, he is abusive and a mooch. I found out the hard way and am still paying for it with a messed up hip that prevents me from functioning normally.

Take my advise stay away. He likes to use lavalife or just try to pick up girls at the gym or at stores.

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First Name: Ki-Shik
Middle Name:
Last Name: Park
Category: Cheaters


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