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Kevin Divine Cheaters

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Men AND Women: Don’t be charmed by this psycho! Kevin is around t 6’1″ and about 220 pounds, he’s charming and social at first, until you p**s him off, which happens when you stop giving him money! He is smart, arrogant, and a CON MAN. He is out on Parole for FELONY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and currently lives in the Twin Falls area on Shoup Street. He will fake interest in you to gain your trust so he can use you and becomes verbally manipulative/abusive when he doesn’t get his way! I’ve talked with other women in this area who have been screwed oveer by Kevin, and his game is always the same! He will tell you a sad story about how the justice system totally screwed him over, but its ALL LIES! He also plays the part of the victim really well and blames everything on YOU. He is a player, ladies, and has perfected his game so that you actually think he’s a nice guy at first. I dated him and he just used me for my money.
Kevin Amery Divine is nothing but TROUBLE!!

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First Name: Kevin
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Last Name: Divine
Category: Cheaters


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