Kenneth Hough — Washington

Narcissist and great liar. Watch the snow Dirty John” or Filthy JoM on Netflix, this guy is that. I mean everything out of his mouth is a lie. I met his ex and she was definitely not the b***h he said she was. He lied to me about her and was still texting us both while her and I went to a singles event together. His friends lied for him too. He seemed nice but he is only that way at first. He got his ex fired after she left him. Apparently the company told her she was dating a pedophile. He then threatened to kill himself and got her back. He has to take psych meds he is so crazy. She went through the same thing again 2 years later. This guy asked me what I did for a living because he uses woman. Every ex is crazy, including his ex male business partners. Everyone. Je uses men and woman .. He promises you the future and he will use you. Watch, : Filthy John” on Netflix before dating this guy, because that is who you will be dealing with. You will understand what his ex girlfriend went through.

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