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Kenneth Germann II, Washington Cheaters

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Do not get into a relationship with Kenneth Germann II (or Ken Germann). He isolated and horrifically abused his girlfriend of 7 years in the Seattle, Olympia and Portland areas. He isolated her from her family and physically abused her until she finally escaped him and got a restraining order in Seattle. According to the restraining order, he would bite her, hit her on the head with dishes, physically strike her repeatedly, or force her to take cold baths and showers for hours. This mental and physical abuse (basically mind control) lasted for years until she mentally collapsed.

His last known location is Colorado, but he may also be in Seattle, Portland OR, or Olympia WA. He will work somewhere for a few months to appear stable, go online to find a woman to get into a relationship with, then basically mind control her (letting her and/or her family cover all the bills) and fake being sick or disabled until he gets kicked out. He’s done this several times, and enough is enough.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Kenneth
Middle Name: Germann
Last Name: II, Washington
Category: Cheaters


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