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Kenneth Duncan, Chattanooga, Tennessee Cheaters

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Date: 11:11 am

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Here is a man who seems to have it all together. A nice home that is well decorated, a very nice car that has a lot of money poured into it, and a daughter he seems to adore and is very intelligent. What he doesn’t tell you is of his multiple marriages…I believe its 3 under his belt, he bad mouths his exes as if they all were the problem and hide things from him or portray themselves as someone else, and he plays a yo-yo game with women. He likes to think he has everything to offer a woman on all levels when he is just full of himself. He likes to drink often and this tends to bring out his self righteous attitude. He thinks to highly of himself and the friends he has all have many issues themselves.Either have multiple marriages themselves, cheaters themselves, or alcoholics. Its a wonder they all hang around each other; its the support system they all need with each other to live in their crazy little world. the sad life full of lies within their little worlds.This man will want you but still want whats on the other side of the fence. He is always looking for someone to hook up with while he is in his constant on/off again ‘relationships’. The only thing stable about this man is he does have a home and a career that has kept him in one place; he just doesn’t know how to have stability in his romantic life. the most about him is that he is very flashy with what he has and has to show off his ‘*ssets’ as to make up for his lack of decency as a human being. He is very wish washy with his words and talks mostly out of the wrong end! There is more than just his issues with staying stable in a relationship; he is unable to be himself and ask others to do it!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Kenneth
Middle Name: Duncan,
Last Name: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Category: Cheaters


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