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Keisha Nicole, Kansas / Canada Cheaters

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This isn’t actually my ex, it’s just a psycho stalker I’d like everyone to be aware of. I have a friend who’s engaged to a great guy who treats her wonderfully, and they’ve been happy for awhile now. Unfortunately I’m constantly hearing and seeing first hand what kind of girl he was with before her. This girl is the definition of stalker, and since my friend has thus far been too passive to really say anything I’ve taken it upon myself to do so for her and him and anyone else who might get involved with this psycho.
My friend has told me numerous times about how her fiance received message after message from psycho girl about how she wanted to talk to him pathetically begging him to call her, refusing to stay out of touch with his family, went as far as to make several new accounts on Xbox and whatever site he’s on just to beg him for some form of communication. He’s told her multiple times he wasn’t interested in any form of friendship yet she continued and apparently still continues to stalk his entire life.
What makes this worse is she’s apparently friends with his other ex and has moved in with her or is staying with her at the moment. They took it upon themselves to make a fake Facebook account, steal someones photo, add my friend and attempt to post a picture of the two of them giving them the finger with the words “hi (fiances names)” written on it. My friend forwarded me the message and it said something along the lines of “the pic isn’t us wanting him back, it’s to show him he can’t break s**t”. OK, if you don’t want him back, then why bother messaging his woman in the first place, who’s never said so much as a word to you when she could have most definitely had the right to step in at any given time during the parade of psycho messages being sent in his direction? They are perfectly happy together, and this psycho refuses to let whatever issue she has go. Although, I’m almost positive she needs to be put on some sort of head medication, as she’s clearly delusional. I love my friend dearly, and she deserves to be happy, which she is. So, for some psycho to continue trying to bring them down, well, doesn’t fly with me. So, I’m here warning anyone and everyone who happens to come across this to STAY FAR AWAY from her. She’s a complete nut-job with no sense of when she’s no longer wanted. His other ex is obviously just as bad for going along with her little plans, so they’re both psycho, but I have heard too much about the obese white girl in order to put any warnings on here. But if you figure out who she is, it’s probably in your best interest to steer clear of her as well. My friend doesn’t know I’m doing this and if she finds out i’m not sure what her reaction will be, but I don’t care. Someone needs to show this psycho she can’t get away with stalking a happy

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First Name: Keisha
Middle Name: Nicole,
Last Name: Kansas / Canada
Category: Cheaters


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