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Kayleigh Apicerno, Connecticut Cheaters

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Date: 3:55 am

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Kayleigh cheated on one boyfriend by having s*x on her lunch breaks from work- having car s*x with a married man. She proceeded to break up with that boyfriend, had random s*x with some other guys, and started dating someone else. She repeatedly cheated on him using the same method. She eventually got married, and when she got a new job in Shelton, CT, she instantly started making up outrageous stories about her husband, and seeking out men with whom she worked. She also cheated with a former boyfriend for months, all the while claiming that she had a ”paranoid husband.” She eventually started accusing her husband of the outrageous things she had claimed he had done, and mocked him openly publicly and privately, refusing to admit that she had been cheating for months. He eventually showed her proof, which she reluctantly admitted to…although she would not bring it up to anyone else as the reason she was getting a divorce…she just claimed how badly he had supposedly treated her. Knowing them both, I know that he treated her very well, and she repaid him by both cheating on him, and spreading lies abut him. Horrible woman. I do know that her husband had told her that he had previously been cheated on, and she actually yelled at him for being suspicious when she was cheating on him! She doesnt even think that its wrong to cheat on someone. Avoid this ”person” at all costs. I would be surprised if she didnt have at least one STD.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Kayleigh
Middle Name: Apicerno,
Last Name: Connecticut
Category: Cheaters


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