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Kaylee Hammond, East Lansing, Michigan Cheaters

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Date: 12:19 am

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Kaylee has cheated on everyone she has ever dated her entire adult life. Each time she claims to be a reformed person and a born again Christian. She left Andrew for Brian. Left Brian for a girl, they got back together and she left him again for Jon. In a hilarious turn of events, she attempted to leave Jon for Brian who it turns out, didn’t still want her, so she was left to get a divorce. Now she spends her time pretending to be an artist and spreading lies about what actually caused her divorce. It makes sense though. I’d be ashamed of myself too if I tried to get my ex into the bed I shared with my husband and when that didn’t work, tried rolling around on the floor in front of him just to be rejected multiple times.

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First Name: Kaylee
Middle Name: Hammond,
Last Name: East Lansing, Michigan
Category: Cheaters


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