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Kaylee Fayard, Orange Beach, Alabama Cheaters

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I was pregnant with my son and she was pregnant with her ex husbands baby. My husband was her boss and she would constantly stay late after her shift to try and talk to him. She called him and said ” I know you’re married with kids but I just really like you”. She would tell my husband how h***y she was. He wound up leaving me, but at the time I didn’t know they were together, just thought they were flirting. He hid her almost my entire pregnancy and when I called her to talk to her about it she repeatedly lied to me saying they were just friends. He moved out for 6 months, almost my entire pregnancy, and they were staying together. When I finally found out about the affair she was a b***h. My husband decided he wanted to try to work things out and she tried to convince him that his kids would be fine. I later found out all the details (he had messages in his phone still). The whole time I blamed him for chasing her, but really she chased him like there was no tomorrow. Sent him photos and sexual texts. Even after I called and asked her to stop tearing apart my family she continued on with my husband and lied to me about it. I found out the truth from her baby’s father. I also found out this wasn’t the first time she did this. Even after my husband came back she continued to text and call him trying to convince him to come back to her. She had her baby about a month after me and sent him photos of her and the baby. She also sent him photos telling him what he was missing out on. She tried her hardest to tear up my family and she succeeded for a while. My husband and I were not in the best place when they met, but she wanted him and he was weak. She went after him like a dog with a bone and had zero consideration for the fact that he was married and had babies.

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First Name: Kaylee
Middle Name: Fayard,
Last Name: Orange Beach, Alabama
Category: Cheaters


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