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Kayla Lorraine Bell aka Kayla L. Gilliam HomeWreckers

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Date: 12:40 pm

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Kayla Lorraine Bell a.k.a. Kayla L. Gilliam a.k.a. “Toots, Babie Gurl, or Baby Duck” is a nasty w***e from Vanceboro, N.C. She is a drug addict, who prostitutes herself for drugs, and gives blow jobs for only $20. Her prices are very cheap, she’ll turn tricks with any man, who offers her cash, therefore she probably spreads STDs. She is well known for sleeping with married men, then taunting their innocent wives about the affairs. Kayla takes pride in being a homewrecker, however, she wants a faithful husband (LOL). Kayla claims to be a stay at home housewife and mom, who loves her 3 children, by 3 different fathers, but she doesn’t have custody of none of them. DSS gave Kayla’s mother, Patricia, custody of her two daughters and her ex-boyfriend, Ricky, has custody of her son. N.C. is a state that highly favors mothers, so Kayla’s had to be proven an unfit mother 3 times, in order to lose custody of her 3 children. Drugs and not brushing her teeth or visiting the dentist have left Kayla toothless. She has snorted lines of cocaine in front of her oldest daughter. Recently, Kayla lost custody of her infant daughter, who was born early with health issues, due to her smoking crack/cocaine while she was pregnant. Women like Kayla, who: don’t have custody of multiple children and use drugs while pregnant deserve to have a hot clothes hanger stuck up their roast beef vaginas to seal them permanently shut. Kayla claims to be a “boss” but only in her own mind, because she’s on the Methadone Clinic, she is a fake Christian, she doesn’t have a job, and she’s broke, white trash. She is mentally ill and has Border Line Personality Disorder. Kayla thinks that she is “Harley Quinn”, because she has dated multiple clowns. Supposedly, she’s currently engaged to Rufus T.C. Gilliam, who never posts pictures of them together on social media, who has cheated on her with multiple women, and who is also a drug user. Kayla has court for traffic violations, because her driving is an endangerment to others on the road, because she probably drives under the influence of drugs. She has more charges coming for selling crack/cocaine to an undercover, while she was dating her ex, Devon. Enjoy your Karma Kayla! You truly deserve everything bad that happens to you!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Kayla
Middle Name: Lorraine
Last Name: Bell aka Kayla L. Gilliam
Category: HomeWreckers


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