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Kathy Mccommon Liar

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Fraud! What you’re are about to read I’d false. She practices witchcraft and has no school. Drop out high school, zero college a complete physco.

Kathy McCommon a Longview, TX native, is a Holistic Wellness Specialist. She has been in practice for over 30 years, and specializes in natural solutions for optimal health,

She has dedicated her career to holistic remedies for women who struggle with anxiety, digestive issues and fatigue.

As women we have gifts that support our desires to serve and care for spouses, children, friends and pursue successful careers.

One day we wake up to the reality that we do not know our bodies sacred language, our soul’s needs or how to access self care.

Kathy’s ladies know that something must change but they are confused and overwhelmed with their health and conflicting information. Poor health is becoming more and more a part of their reality.

In The Total Wellness Program, they learn their inner strengths and their bodies innate ability to heal.

They learn how to hear their body’s quiet cries for help and love before their body has to scream for attention.

As they explore the secrets wisdom to optimum health, they are then able to influence generations of women for whom they love and care for.

Kathy is a certified Integrative Health Coach, Reiki Master, Aroma Therapist and Theta Practitioner.

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First Name: Kathy
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Last Name: Mccommon
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