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Karma is a B***h Cheaters

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Date: 12:13 am

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What you do to others and how you mistreat them is a curse waiting to fall back on you.

Men who abandon a women can expect their p***s to abandon them to Erectile Dysfunction

Other things that abandon you is your hair. Expect to go bald headed b*****s and don’t expect to look good ever again. You will have Bad skin, wrinkles and grey hair. You will age rapidly. You will be 50+ going on 70

You will never have an offspring but you will raise another mans child and you will work your a*s off for the nagging witch you chose. She won’t want s*x and she won’t work. She will track your stank a*s and make demands that you will obey

You will deteriorate. No good will ever come to you

You did a lot of bad things and hurt someone, so don’t expect
to live a long life either. You will die in two years

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First Name: Karma
Middle Name: is
Last Name: a B***h
Category: Cheaters


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