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Justine Beausejour Cheaters

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This dumb FAS s***k had to leave Fort Saint James after she slept with the whole town and spread her STD’s. Now she lives in Dawson City, Yukon where she sells pepsi tryna act like the s**t, she doesn’t belong here. She’s an immature little b***h who will use you for your money. She has a kid she doesn’t even spend time with, always leaving him with her dad. She never stops bragging about her eyelashes, which are always fake, cause she has none. Her t**s are saggy and flat af. Don’t let her overly photoshopped pictures fool you. This FAS small eyed no eyelashes tramp needs to stop spreading her legs, and stop spreading her drds. This pathetic crackhead posers name is Chlora for a reason- short for std.

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First Name: Justine
Middle Name:
Last Name: Beausejour
Category: Cheaters


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